at Washtenaw Community College,  4800 E. Huron River Dr., Ann Arbor, Mi.

Instructor of Physics,

Engineering Advisor,

Ski-Nut & Wing-Nut!

Most every day, 129 LA, 9 thru 5, I arrive.

I ski the Rockies in the spring.  I never listen for my phone to ring.

Email arrives but once a week.  Extreme downhill is what I seek.

Physics problems, I do them; still velocity vectors on the highest hill -

are what I'm chasin.  Skiing  A-Basin!!!!



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George Kapp

Treatment of Data

Work Energy Theorem

Collections of Particles

Exploring Thermo-Physics

Physics 111 Information:

Physics 211 Information:


Rotational Dynamics of Rigid Solids

Additional Discussion

on Selected Topics :



Welcome to Main Street Arapahoe!

Yea, We’re Hot!

Go' in Up the Grizzly at Arapahoe

On Top of it, 13,500 ft. I Think I Can Fly!


Notes on Gas Dynamics

Coors’ Break!  Hard Deck...10,000 feet.

Exploring Thermo-Chemistry


Levi, Luke, Joel,Jenny,Sherri,George, Kori

From the top: A-Basin, Key Stone, North Peak, Breckenridge

Meet our friend Dean, A-basin Ski Patrol

Meet our friend Rachel.

She mixes the best bloody marry on

the planet!

Physics 110 Information

My Personal 747